Your first visit

– New patient examination including Xrays

Only £49

We understand that many reasons may prompt your first visit to our clinic. Following an initial Medical Health and Oral Health assessment, we will invite you into our consultation or treatment room. 

We encourage all patients not to be embarrassed or to worry if they haven’t seen a dentist for a long time. In fact this is the case for most of us. We will always be fully understanding of any elements that may make you nervous and work with you to the best we can through this. 

We will conduct a full thorough examination with x-rays if appropriate, or aim to treat whatever may currently be ailing you on the same day. We provide a detailed treatment plan with all costs upfront so there are no surprises and we encourage your participation in choosing the right treatment path.

Dental implants

– Implant plus crown. For larger cases, an assessment may be necessary to determine a price from


Dental implants are a very successful long term solution for anyone who is missing teeth. This can be as simple as a single missing tooth or large gap, to a completely edentulous mouth. We often consider these to be the gold standard as we do not have to involve other teeth in the provision of your new ones. Additionally the function is significantly better than that which can be provided by dentures or bridgework.

Dental implants are often used as a successful adjunct to retain otherwise poorly fitting dentures. We can also take this further and provide a full arch of teeth on implants (sometimes known as an All on 4 or All on 6 procedure)

Our practice principal is an experienced dental implantologist with years of experience in both simple and large case planning and many hundreds of implants to date. Please get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation if this interests you.

Anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers

Why Facial Aesthetics? 

As we age, our skin begins to show signs of ageing by losing collagen and elastin. The loss of these components result in fine lines and wrinkles; our skin becomes less elastic and voluptuous. These normal characteristics of ageing may cause individuals to feel self-conscious or lose self-esteem, but we have treatments available which can help. 

What treatments are available? 

Dermal Fillers: through the use of injecting dermal fillers we can fill and smooth fine lines and give the skin a more voluptuous appearance. 

Anti wrinkle injections: these injections target the receptors in muscles under the skin which respond to brain signals. These muscles, are responsible for causing wrinkles through movement. For example, frowning. 

The effects of treatment will eventually fade over time and may need to be reviewed and topped up every 3-8 months.


A free consultation is available for every new patient and treatment plan. Our facial aesthetic practitioner and prescriber will discuss with you: 

Your expectations 

The results you can expect

Risks/benefits of treatment 

Your treatment plan through face mapping



Any questions you may have

A 25% non-refundable deposit will be taken on the day a treatment is booked. This will be taken off the final total payment.

Composite bonding

– From


Composite bonding is the process by which we add a tooth coloured resin to your teeth to repair damage or even change shape and colour entirely. Mainly designed as a restorative material, recent developments mean that composite has a variety of uses on front teeth including fixing damage, improving colour, making teeth longer or even closing gaps. It is considered to be a none invasive procedure and can be tailored to suit your exact specification and needs with our team of highly trained aesthetic dentists.

The benefits 

  • Bonding is becoming an increasingly popular option for patients wishing to improve their smile as it does not involve removal of any tooth structure in most cases. In fact, aside from sometimes having to ‘roughen’ the tooth surface below slightly, the teeth are normally left entirely unchanged . As such there are often no nasty drills or injections involved, as opposed to more involved treatments such as veneers or crowns
  • Composite can be polished over time as well as minor changes and repairs made if required
  • It is suitable for adjunctive treatment following orthodontic treatment such as reshaping smaller teeth
  • There is often little time commitment required as it can normally be completed in one visit. Though we do recommend follow up visits to review and polish
  • Cost is often significantly lower than ceramic options

Life span can sometimes be reduced compared to ‘stronger’ solutions though we would still expect years of satisfaction following a successful procedure 

Many patients also prefer to undertake a safe teeth whitening treatment prior to composite bonding to achieve an even better result.

Of course composite bonding isn’t for everyone and a full assessment is required before any decisions are made, as it makes up a small part of a wide range of aesthetic options.

Crowns & Bridges

– From


Though crowns and bridges are often superceded by dental implants now that we have more minimalistic treatment options available such as dental implants, crowns and bridges may still be the best solution, or you may have existing crown and bridge work which needs some attention.

Crowns are often the best way of covering teeth that have been cracked, decayed, or previously heavily filled. They are also often recommended when a tooth has been root treated. There are a variety of materials that can be used and we ensure we stay on top of modern technology to provide the most advanced possible. Most crowns provided now do not require any messy impression materials at all – we instead use a state of the art intra-oral scanner for greater patient comfort and accuracy.

You may have noticed unsightly grey marks on the top of older crowns. We can often replace these with a more aesthetic solution to remove this altogether.

A bridge is normally a crown with an adjacent tooth also attached to fill a gap. These require very careful planning, but create a wonderful aesthetic and functional result when used correctly. We can also use these as a temporary solution over something like a healing implant. Sticky ‘adhesive’ bridges often require no drilling at all and can be used in some situations for a very simple and elegant solution to a gap. We always aim to list every option for every patient with an in depth discussion on the pros and cons of all.


– Case dependant starting at

£1500 per arch.

We have recently obtained Invisalign Platinum status. This means we have successfully completed a huge number of happy patients in the Sheffield region and look forward to using this experience to treat many others.

As an Invisalign provider we are able to employ the world’s best and most effective aligner system within our clinic. Invisalign clear aligners discreetly move teeth into alignment over a number of months in a painless and predictable fashion. Treatment can often taken as little as 3 months. 

This can be used to correct gaps between teeth, overcrowding, bite issues and many more. With advanced software planning we are able to demonstrate your final smile to you before treatment commences.


– From


Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or composite resin, manufactured bespoke to the patient and bonded to the outer surface (and sometimes edges) of teeth.

Veneers can be a useful alternative to orthodontics in some situations and provide a quicker outcome, especially if no preparation is involved. We will undertake a thorough smile design prior to any veneer case, working closely with a very high quality local private laboratory, in order to provide the look you want. We understand every smile is unique and this can include subjective personal elements. As such we always recommend a ‘try in’ smile following a digital wax up to provide maximum control to the patient of their end result.

Composites veneers can often be used as a less expensive but visually impactful way to change the shape, alignment or colour of teeth. Though not suitable for every case, our highly skilled clinicians will be happy to discuss the appropriateness of all options to you at your consultation.

Tooth Whitening

– 360 Whitening from


Tooth whitening is a great way of improving your smile and making your teeth look fresh, healthy and younger. The aim is to safely and naturally whiten your teeth in a noticeable fashion. This is often an ideal initial treatment for somebody who may be looking to embark on some cosmetic dentistry. It may also be all you need if your only concern relates to the colour of your teeth.

Our experienced dentists will assess your needs and listen to your concerns and discuss with you what may be the best solution or product to use to effectively improve your smile.

Whether we use the Philips Zoom laser or one of our preferred whitening products such as 360 Whitening, the procedure is always entirely safe and carries no risk of damage to teeth or your gums, as long as the procedure and instructions are followed carefully.

We may also find whitening is a useful initial adjunct to more advanced restorative treatments such as veneers or implants, to obtain a colour you are happy with before we embark on placing new teeth.

White Fillings

– From


Tooth-coloured filling materials can be used many ways to help improve your smile, and are often the building blocks for healthy teeth. We do not use amalgam in the practice at all, and can replace old worn or decayed amalgam fillings with new tooth coloured ones which are better contoured and sealed, and ultimately much better aesthetically. Generally white filling materials require much less tooth preparation and can there be considered less invasive.

Tooth coloured filling material can also be used as full veneers or as edge bonding to improve shape and contour of existing teeth. This may be especially useful at the end of an orthodontic treatment.

Root Treatment

– Dependant on tooth and anatomy, from


Root canal is the process by which we remove the infected or inflamed nerve from a tooth, to ease pain, infection or prevent future troubles with the tooth. Sometimes it may be used as an adjunct to other treatments.

In modern dentistry this is normally a very simple process which surprises many patients given the ‘horror stories’ they may have heard, particularly from treatments completed in the past. Our dentist with a
special interest in root canal treatment will be able to guide you through this process in a safe and painless manner and ultimately save your tooth which you otherwise may have been tempted to remove! Of course this treatment isn’t always suitable and we will always discuss with you at the outset if we feel it will be successful and appropriate to you. We use the best quality materials and safest techniques to ensure
the best result always.

Digital Imaging

‘We possess the latest in digital imaging and scanning for your diagnostic needs. Referrals are accepted from other practices. Please contact reception to learn more.’

£49 – OPT

£85 – CBCT (per quadrant)

Hygiene and Airflow Service

£55 – Hygiene

£85 – Airflow
Other Treatments

We offer a full range of comprehensive dental treatments to suit your needs. This ranges from routine checkups and scale and polishes with our experienced therapist team, to provision of periodontal treatment, periodontal surgery, gum recontouring etc. We also provide a wide range of dentures and implant solutions which may act as adjuncts to these, and conventional braces. Please feel free to book a free consultation which carries no obligation .

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